The Comfort of Familiarity

Posted: May 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I woke up in an extremely foul mood.  There seems to be this stranger inhabiting my body, and I honestly don’t like her.  I’m usually never in a foul mood unless something drastic happens.  I’m chalking this mood up to PMS.  Two things happened that would normally have escalated my foul mood, but instead, brought a sense of peace to me.  These two things brought back parts of my past life that I miss and enjoyed doing.  The first thing was helping a co-worker troubleshoot Java issues with Google Chrome.  Yes, how boring that sounds.

If you know me, you know my background is in tech support/instructional technology/learning management systems/technical training/technical documentation/general technical stuff.  I’m a very resourceful person.  I enjoy helping others, especially when it comes to figuring things out and being rewarded by fixing them and seeing things work like they are supposed to.  I also like proving people wrong, especially people that could stand to be proven wrong to humble them a little.  IT doesn’t always workout that way, but at least I still prove them wrong.  It’s just one of the things that makes me tick.  Maybe you see it as a fault, but I see it as as challenge.

The second thing that happened was my computer crashing.  Usually I would have probably screamed, said many not so ladylike words, and thrown the computer across the room, out of the window, or somewhere other than where it usually sits.  Instead, I welcomed this.  I removed my Windows partition on my Mac and reinstalled Windows.  I am using this computer mainly for work.  I looked at this as a fresh start.  I got rid of everything that I’d used the computer for in the past, like two years of school work.  Now it only has my work tools on it.  It took about four hours, but that time flew by.  Yes, there were many instances of my patience being tested, but me and the computer both survived and came out better in the end.

While I was still in a funk at the end of the day, these two things and their comfort of familiarity turned my day around and definitely changed my mood.  It’s funny how things happen that way.



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